Schedule of Salons

2016 Sunday Salon Series 

Step into the New Year with dynamic people and engaging topics…served up with delectable food and drink…hosted in some of Cincinnati’s finest homes.



Salon 1

All That Glitters

 Kim Klosterman, Kimberly Klosterman Jewelry; CEO of Klosterman Bakery

Hosted by Jack and Danielle Ondeck, Green Township

January 17    11:00 – 1:30     $65     Limited to 30

At age nine, Kimberly Klosterman made her first bracelet from a hammered copper tube. And so began her pursuit of a grand passion that took her from Stephens College to Sotheby’s London to Amsterdam. Today, the CEO of Klosterman Baking Company is an expert purveyor of fine antique jewelry. At this salon, she will show slides of unique pieces from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s and will bring examples from her personal collection to discuss in depth. Ms. Klosterman will also be available to look at jewelry that salon attendees bring and identify and discuss the period in which those pieces were made.

Enjoy brunch with the Ondecks in their 1936 English Tudor Revival home. The home features a rathskeller with a charming 330-square foot mural painted in 1943 by Mathias Noheimer, a well-known local painter at the time. For the theme, Mathias used images from several paintings of Peter Brugel the elder, a 16th century Danish painter. Those paintings included Children’s Games, Peasant Wedding Dance Outdoors, and Peasant Dance. The characters from each painting were put together to depict a typical peasant feast of the 16th century.


Salon 2

Shark Tank: A Hit, A Miss, and a “No Thank You.”

 Neal Hoffman, Konrad Billetz, Michael Markesbery, entrepreneurs; Scott Jacobs, moderator

Hosted by Cintrifuse, OTR, with Steve and Sue Baggott

 January 24   11:00 – 1:30     $65     Limited to 40

 Cincinnati is a city with a reputation for welcoming and supporting innovators. Meet three local entrepreneurs who will share the what, why and how of bringing their dream products to market, with a stop in the Shark Tank along the way. The idea for Neal Hoffman’s Mensch on a Bench was born when his son asked for an Elf on the Shelf. He replied, “Jews don’t do elves on shelves, we do mensches on benches.” Konrad Billetz, co-founder of The Frameri, offers a boutique line of Italian eyeglass frames and pop-in lenses so your eyeglasses can match your outfit, mood or occasion, and accommodate a prescription change with no need to buy new frames. While still in college, Michael Markesbery and Max Squire realized there was a need for light-weight, ultra-warm outerwear. Their company, OROS (originally known as Lukla) makes garments insulated with NASA spacesuit technology. Their customers include the Navy SEALs, Soldier Systems, and outdoor avid adventurers. So, what about the Shark Tank? You’ll find out who was a hit, who was a miss, and who said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Union Hall, formerly the historic Germania Building, is now the home to Cintrifuse, The Brandery, and CincyTech in a unique combination of cutting-edge activity and rich architectural tradition. Pause a minute before entering to enjoy its fluted columns, intricate window surrounds, and the statue of the lady Germania herself. Then enjoy a champagne brunch provided by Sue Baggott, president, Board of Trustees, Women Helping Women, and her husband, Steve.


Salon 3

Saving the World One Chocolate Bar at a Time

 Paul Picton, Chocolate Maker, Maverick Chocolate

Hosted by Jennie Rosenthal Berliant, East Walnut Hills

January 24    3:00 – 5:30    $65    Limited to 40

 Eat chocolate and feel good. That’s a no-brainer, right? But if it’s Maverick Chocolate, you can feel even better, because each of these scrumptious handcrafted bars is made in small batches from ethically –sourced cacao beans. Paul Picton, founder of the 2014 Over-the-Rhine New Business of the Year, will discuss where cacao beans are grown, how they are imported, the difference between fair trade and direct trade, and the social impact craft chocolate is having in cacao-growing regions. Learn why Maverick’s Fahrenheit 513 bar was one of only 146 food products nationally (out of 1,452 entrants) to earn a 2015 Good Food award “for creating vibrant, delicious, sustainable local food economies” and why the Prohibition Milk Chocolate bar won a silver medal in the 2015 International Chocolate Awards.

Built in 1906, the Berliant home is part of an historic neighborhood in East Walnut Hills. In the past year, the Berliants completed a lengthy renovation, restoring some of the house’s original design and details. Guests can peruse the host’s extensive contemporary art collection while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and desserts, accompanied by wine, coffee and assorted beverages.


Salon 4

Spotlight on Local Heroes!

 Jim Obergefell, Plantiff in Marriage Equality Supreme Court Case

Joined by Alphonse Gerhardstein, Attorney

Hosted by Anne Mulder and Becky Gibbs, Eden Park

January 31    3:00 – 5:30    $65     Limited to 35

Jim Obergefell, a self-described “accidental activist,” focused attention on the issue of marriage inequality with his fight to have his marriage recognized on his husband’s death certificate. He shares the story of his crusade, his inclusion in a six-plaintiff Supreme Court case, and his far-reaching triumph: marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples across the United States. He will be joined by Alphonse Gerhardstein, the attorney who represented him in this historic endeavor.

Enjoy views of Eden Park’s Twin Lakes and the Ohio River from the charming condo of Anne Mulder and Becky Gibbs. Their largely contemporary décor features a collection of outsider and other art. Savory hors d’oeuvres, desserts, wine and soft drinks will be served.


Salon 5

Stories He Never Told (and Some He Did)

John Kiesewetter, Keeper of Cincinnati’s Broadcast History and Media Beat Blogger for

Hosted by Flo and Tom DeWitt, East End

February 14    3:00 – 5:30   $65    Limited to 40

Getting the inside scoop on celebrities is always fun, and after 30 years as the Enquirer’s TV Columnist, John Kiesewetter has the stories to tell. You’ll hear about his encounters with everyone from George Clooney, David Letterman, Al Schottelkotte, Bob Braun, Gary Burbank, and Bob Hope to Fred Rogers, Bob Newhart, Uncle Al, Skipper Ryle, and Marty and Joe. He is sure to include some of his favorite stories – spending the day at “ER” with George Clooney, meeting David Letterman in his “Late Show” office, and attending tapings of “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” and “The Daily Show.”

Flo and Tom DeWitt’s newly constructed home in the historic East End features a contemporary open style enhanced by sweeping views of the Ohio River and the Cincinnati Skyline. Its four stories include inviting front porches with a pleasing oval shape as well as a roof-level deck. Hors d’oeuvres and desserts will be accompanied by an assortment of wine, cocktails, soft drinks, tea, and coffee.


Salon 6

Never on Sunday: High Tea at a Cincinnati Treasure

John Faherty, Director, Mercantile Library and former Enquirer Writer

Hosted by The Mercantile Library, Downtown, with Jan and David Lazarus, Water Tower Fine Wines and Mary Lou Hoffar

 February 20   3:00 – 5:30 (Saturday)     $65    Limited to 35

 John Faherty lives and has lived in a world of words. As a former Cincinnati Enquirer columnist, he entertained, educated, and engaged us with his superb storytelling: tales of the young men of Moeller bravely grappling with grief, the two-year saga of a middle-aged man and his family heroically challenging the ravages of cancer, and his own pancreatic transplant chronicled with honesty , humility, and humor. He initiated the Enquirer’s Storytellers series and is inspired by the stories of others.

At this salon, listen to John’s stories and those of his elegant workplace. The Mercantile Library was founded in 1835 by 45 local merchants and remains a membership library, known as the city’s intellectual and literary center.

As befitting the library’s historic setting, an elegant high tea will be prepared and served by Chef Jan Lazarus.


 Salon 7

Courting Justice With New Solutions

 Heather Russell, Judge, Hamilton County Municipal Court

Hosted by Roberta Teran, Mt. Adams

February 21     12:30 – 3:00     $65    Limited to 25

 Judge Heather Russell, long an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, explains the development of CHANGE Court. Designed to look beyond the charges of drug use and prostitution, this specialty docket provides treatment and a second chance for those who lost control of their lives while victims of human trafficking. Judge Russell will share the successes and failure of this program, only the second of its kind in Ohio and draw some interesting parallels between domestic violence victims and prostitutes.

Roberta Teran’s recently constructed home demonstrates how harmony exists when new strives to blend with old. Maintaining the footprint of its historic neighbors, the sleek concrete and frosted glass exterior quietly blends with Doris Kappelhoff’s (Doris Day’s) old dance studio, now rehabbed by Bruce and Margaret Mock, two doors to the south. A charming side entry garden blends into the rear yard, where native plants blend with colorful annuals beneath multi-decks of tumbling botanica. A light lunch with wine, soft drinks, and coffee will be served.



Salon 8

How Does He Do It?

Santa Ono, President, The University of Cincinnati

Hosted by High Street, Soulful Modern Life-Style Store, Pendleton

February 21     4:00 – 6:30    $65   Limited to 50

 Locals, especially its graduates, have always been proud of The University fo Cincinnati, but who knew it would suddenly become so “hot”? Santa Ono began his presidency with a laser focus on social media. Now has ranked him as one of the 20 Most Interesting College Presidents in the country. How has he managed this, while running the #HottestCollegeinAmerica and playing in a 40-cello ensemble? Come hear him share the story of his first years as president.

High Street welcomes you to its curated mix of furniture, gifts, fashion, and accessories. Stop outside to enjoy the colorful murals before browsing the treasures inside. Heavy hors d’oeuvres and dessert will be served, accompanied by white wine and a featured cocktail.


Salon 9

Xavier University’s Unlikely Point Guard

Sr. Rose Ann Fleming, S.N.D. de N.

Hosted by Greg and Tina Christopher, Evanston

February 28    11:00 – 1:30    $65    Limited to 40

 Sister Rose Ann comes with an impressive resume: MBA, Ph. D., and a law degree. Following careers as a teacher, high school administrator, and college president, she is now fulfilling a mission to help educate the young athletes who often come to college unprepared for the rigors of a Jesuit university. For the last 30 years, she has been the force behind the extraordinary academic achievements of XU’s men’s basketball players – each player who reached his final year of eligibility has graduated. You’ll learn how she pushed, cajoled, and charmed a wildly diverse roster of talented athletes toward a college degree, with indelible life lessons along the way.

Greg and Tina Christopher host this salon in the Kevin and Georgette Crawford Student –Athlete Academic Center in the Cintas Center on the campus of Xavier University. Open since August 2015, this new 8,000-square foot academic center allows Xavier to give its athletes convenient access to academic resources, as well as training and weight rooms. Brunch will be served, with Bloody Marys, mimosas, beer, coffee, teas, and soft drinks. Following the salon, Greg Christopher, Xavier’s Director of Athletics, will take guests on a tour of the Cintas Center.


Salon 10

From Farm to Everyone’s Table

Julie Francis, Nectar Restaurant, and Suzy DeYoung, La Soupe

Hosted by Marcie and Michael Vilardo, Madison Place

February 28    4:00 – 6:30     $65     Limited to 25

 Julie Francis is one of our area’s first chefs to introduce local farmers and purveyors to her customers via special dinner nights highlighting and discussing particular ingredients. She shared “farm-to-table” philosophy well before it found its way into the restaurant vernacular. Suzy DeYoung is the daughter of award-winning Maisonette chef Pierre Adrian and former owner of The Petite Pierre. She has turned her immense energy to attacking food waste and hunger by “rescuing” grocery store produce headed for the trash and using it in her “buy-a-bowl, give-a-bowl” soup program. These two women bring their rich backgrounds to a discussion of local surplus ingredients, their experiences, and most importantly, what they will contribute to this city in the future.

The Vilardos’ charming ten-year-old home, nestled on a wooded acre near Indian Hill green space, has an earth toned exterior that is in perfect harmony with its setting. Its open floor plan encourages entertaining. An Array of enticing appetizers and desserts will be served, accompanied by wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee.


Salon 11

Let It Go!

 Kathy Comisar, Senior Sales Vice President, Comey and Shepherd Realtors

Hosted by Betsy and David Mann, Clifton

March 6     2:00 – 4:30     $65     Limited to 30

 Letting go of your stuff is tough. You’re ready to downsize, but what do you do with years of accumulated treasures? How do you keep the memories and lose the baggage? Kathy Comisar can show you how. In her interactive presentation, “Let It Go,” she offers a fun plan to help downsizers – better called “rightsizers: – negotiate the process with less stress and more success. After giving you tips on how to decide what needs to go, Kathy will provide information on where to go with it, including donating or selling at Legacies, Everything but the House, and Dress for Success. Get ready to embrace your new life. Don’t be frozen by indecision. Let it go!

When the Manns first saw their home in 1971, its spooky “Adams Family” exterior and interior chartreuse walls had deterred potential buyers with less vision. They have enjoyed restoring their home, the first house built on its Clifton street in 1889, to its original beauty and have even added a family room which looks out onto ten acres of dense woods. The Manns will serve a variety of beverages, savory appetizers and sweet treats, while guests enjoy the family antiques and other pieces of interest spread throughout the first floor.


Salon 12

Bigger Than Life!

Tom Tsuchiya, Sculptor

Hosted by Joeline and Paul Lecture, Newport, East Row Historic District

March 13    2:00 – 4:30    $65     Limited to 25

Liflike statues that seem to be playing a game at Great American Ball Park. Jesus with his arms outstretched in welcome at Solid Rock Church. D’Artagnan pointing the way at XU. The Madden Protectors Award honoring National Football League’s best offensive line. Atlas Recycled, collecting bottles and cans on Fountain Square and at Grand Central Terminal. The common thread? Tom Tsuchiya, Cincinnati native, UC graduate, and internationally-known sculptor with a reputation for instilling a living, breathing quality to his works. Come to this fun salon (ladies – invite your favorite guy to join you for this one) and hear this dynamic young artist discuss his inspiration and his process.

Joeline and Paul Lecture consider their home “the little church that just keeps giving” and share its charms generously with community groups. One of two condos in a former Presbyterian church, its creative conversion to living space includes stained glass windows, glorious woodwork, and even a pipe organ, all in a very livable space. Join them in their beautiful home for tasty appetizers and desserts, accompanied by wine and hot and cold drinks.


Salon 13

Ensemble Theatre’s Leading Lady

D. Lynn Meyers, Producing Artistic Director, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati

Hosted by Dino DiStasi, Wyoming

March 20     1:00 – 3:30     $65     Limited to 30

Lynn will share the story of ETC’s 30-year journey as an OTR anchor and theatre icon from struggling new theater to the region’s premiere destination for new works and sold-out performances. She’ll tell tales of opening nights, from page to stage and sprinkle in a little Hollywood stardust as she describes her casting work on local films, including The Shawshank Redemption, and most recently Carol, Miles Ahead, and The Blunderer.

Dino DiStasi hosts us in his charming Wyoming restaurant and conference center. DiStasi’s nestles in a park-like setting in the heart of the business district, with green space and a gazebo. Wine, hors d’oeuvres, sodas, coffee, and tea will be served.


Salon 14

Eyewitness to History

Joe Bride, Journalist, Public Relations Executive and Problem Solver

Hosted by Christopher Bolling and Stephen Peterson, North Avondale

March 20    4:00 – 6:30    $65     Limited to 30

Many would say Joe Bride led a charmed life. Joe would say it was all part of the job. At various times reporter for Life Magazine, the Washington Post, and the Louisville Courier-Journal; baseball executive; college football publicist; and a public relations and issue management consultant, Joe amassed interesting experiences, and crossed paths with a variety of interesting people. He spent personal time with four presidents and three vice presidents climbed a mountain with an astronaut who wanted to show his kids where he sat and dreamed of being a pilot, and became a friend of the man who was his childhood movie hero. ON the sports side, he was with Roger Maris the night he tied Babe Ruth, and in the broadcast booth with Lyndsey Nelson and Red Grange when Notre Dame stopped Oklahoma’s 40 game winning streak. And, the law of unintended consequences is seen in several of his stories – results that impacted others, far away and year later.


The hosts describe their 1923 North Avondale Tudor as “just a cool old Cincinnati house.” Perched atop a rise, this beautifully kept Tudor home is a charming vista, complete with a tower. Enjoy heavy appetizers, desserts, wine, beer, soft drinks, and coffee.




























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