Annual Fund

Each year Women Helping Women reaches out to the community for their continued support through our annual fund mailing. The funds that are raised will help our advocates continue to provide a compassionate voice on the hotline, a hand to hold at the hospital, a comforting presence at the police department, a supportive ally in the courtroom and a strong support system for survivors whenever they need us.

In this letter, Kendall Fisher, Women Helping Women’s Executive Director, shares how the demand for Women Helping Women’s services has increased.

Dear Friends:

The year of celebration for the 40th Anniversary of Women Helping Women has drawn to a close. Founded by a small group of dedicated women who provided support whenever and wherever needed, we were then, and are today in the forefront of providing assistance to those dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

We are proud to continue the incredible work started so many years ago. At that time it was unusual for these issues to be talked about openly. Today these discussions occur more frequently and our services are sought by many. Just this year there has been a 37% increase in requests for our help. The good news is that we have a committed staff available for crisis intervention 24 hours a day. This is only possible through the help of friends like you. You have helped to make Women Helping Women what we are today.

Please take a moment to think of someone you know who may have needed and possibly received our help. then make as generous a gift as possible to help us in this important work. You can support us in helping to decrease the number of people affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking as we educate the community to create more social change over the nest 40 years.

You may send a check or provide your credit card number with the amount you wish to pledge (a set monthly gift is very helpful to Women Helping Women) and when you wish for the payments to begin. If you choose to make the monthly pledge, we will continue to charge your credit card each month until you ask us to stop. With your donation, you empower those who need us as they struggle to reclaim their lives. Thank you for being a part of this mission.


Kendall Fisher

Executive Director

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