Annual Fund

Each year Women Helping Women reaches out to the community for their continued support through our annual fund mailing. The funds that are raised will help our advocates continue to provide a compassionate voice on the hotline, a hand to hold at the hospital, a comforting presence at the police department, a supportive ally in the courtroom and a strong support system for survivors whenever they need us.

In this letter, Judy Green, a long time Women Helping Women supporter has shared her experience with us. 

Dear Friends:

You may find yourself surprised by my message because I am going to tell you how lucky I was when I was sexually assaulted in 1984. Yes, lucky for many reasons.  The first was that Women Helping Women was available for me and sent an advocate to the hospital when I called.  I was not alone when facing a system that frequently blamed the victim and did not know how to treat someone who had been raped.  Lucky for me, my attacker was a total stranger, and my attacker violently beat me.  Thus, no consensual-sex defense was available for him.  I was never ashamed of being raped, but I was outraged.  With the help of Women Helping Women, I went to court, and within four months he was convicted and in jail.

Women Helping Women is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year.  I have been asked to share my story as one of the many people, both women and men, who have been helped during those 40 years.  Much has changed, but too much remains the same. People are still reluctant to come forward and to prosecute because they fear being blamed.  They are embarrassed.  Women Helping Women gives survivors the courage and the support they need to take action when experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Women Helping Women is always there for any person in need of information or help, no matter how lucky or unlucky he or she may be.  Please join me in making a gift as a significant as possible to honor this important agency and the small, dedicated staff carrying out these vital services.  Every dollar contributed is used wisely and will help to off-set the unstable funding sources currently in force.

If you would like to pledge a fixed amount each month, just let us know the amount, the credit card to charge and the start date.  We will continue the monthly charge until you tell us to stop.  Help me to secure the future of Women Helping Women in the Greater Cincinnati area and Butler County with a gift of $4,000, $400, or $40 to this special anniversary fund.

There is still much work remaining.  As we enter the 2013 Holiday Season, thank you for supporting Women Helping Women and survivors like me.


Judy Green

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