February 10, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Urban Stead Cheesemakers, East Walnut Hills
Hosted by Andrea Siefring-Robbins and Scott Robbins, Owners, and Gregg and Shelly Fogel

Urban Stead Cheese is an urban cheesemaker located on the border of Evanston and East Walnut Hills. Owners Andrea and Scott Robbins will describe their cheesemaking process— converting more than 5,000 (!) pounds of milk per week to cheese curd and then to cheese. These grandchildren of dairy farmers make the weekly trek to Sardinia, Ohio, to pick up milk from a third generation family-owned farm. This beautiful Bohls Jerseys milk is the beginning of all their cheeses…cloth-bound cheddar, cheddar cheese curds, tome, quark, and Camembert. Hear their story about contributing to the Greater Cincinnati food community through their vision and work, creating a “local food narrative” that involves other local farmers and supplies cheese for Allez Bakery and Nine Giant Brewery. Andrea and Scott’s story is truly farm to table—our farms to our tables.

Join us for a delicious brunch featuring Urban Stead’s cheeses.

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