March 31, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Jason Heikenfeld, Ph.D., Professor and Assistant Vice President for Commercialization, University of Cincinnati.
Hosted by Mike and Maggie Vagle, Glendale

We all sweat. Most of us are eager to hop in the shower and wash it away. Not Jason Heikenfeld. This internationally known director of UC’s Novel Devices Lab oversaw the development of a BandAid-sized device that can make people sweat. Why? Because sweat can provide information about a person’s health – more easily and more quickly than blood does. A device that monitors sweat can tell wearers and physicians about heart rate, blood pressure, hydration levels, and core body temperature, and can provide health alerts in real time. The monitor is just one of Dr. Heikenfeld’s projects. In his first decade at UC, he accumulated the most patents and licenses of any faculty member in the university’s history. He teaches his students to apply their lab studies to the international scientific community. Hear this “serial entrepreneur” talk about the many devices he has patented, startups he has founded, and what’s in the pipeline under his direction at the University of Cincinnati.

The beautiful neoclassical-style home of Mike and Maggie Vagle sits serenely on 2.9 acres, its columned entrance recalling an earlier day while its interior boasts the best of present day convenience and luxury. Enjoy a selection of sweet and savory finger foods with wine and other beverages.

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