February 24, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Katelyn Jarvis, Founder and President, Peace Stamps
Hosted by Linda and Ed Neenan, Symmes Township

What’s a young woman to do if visions of travel keep dancing in her head? If you are Katelyn Jarvis, you quit your job, pack your curiosity and determination, and head out to feed your sense of adventure. Katelyn’s transformative journey has led her to 123 countries (so far), increasing her appreciation of different cultures and shattering stereotypes. Volunteering in schools, with social and religious agencies, and working for agricultural and ecological initiatives gave her insights into how problems can be addressed. Inspiration continually came from the acceptance and spirit of the captivating locals and fellow travelers. Tales of her experiences are heartwarming, unexpected, scary, and hilarious! Katelyn continues to feed her wanderlust and wants to inspire all of us to do the same.

The Neenans’ home, designed by a Michigan architect, was built in 1987 to accommodate the couple’s floor plants, a feature of their home. Ed, who was raised on a farm, thinks of them as his back 40. The home is traditional in décor and contains several pieces of art that are personally meaningful to the owners, including a 1923 portrait by Linda’s second cousin, Italian artist Rocco Fodale, and three sculptures by Linda’s mother. Enjoy cheesy canapes, Swedish meatballs, crab tartlets, and other assorted sweets and savories, served with a wine punch, wine, and beer.

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