March 24, 2019 @ 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Tracy Brumfield, Executive Director, Rise Up News
Hosted by Christy Backley and Phil Crabtree, East Walnut Hills

Tracy Brumfield knows about hitting bottom. She suffered through addiction, incarceration, and homelessness before a support network helped her recover, secure a job, and find a place to live. Remembering her own struggles, she began to provide peer support to women in the recovery housing unit but found she was able to affect just a few of the 1,400 people who are incarcerated in the Hamilton County jail on any given day. To reach that larger population, Tracy envisioned a newspaper that would provide information on re-entry and social service resources, plus articles about hope and second chances. In 2017, a People’s Liberty Haile Fellowship gave her and her “big idea” a one-year fellowship grant of $100,000. In her first year, she published six issues of RISE, Re-enter into Society Empowered, a four-page newspaper piloted inside the Hamilton County Justice Center. Having demonstrated that this important need, linking people to resources, was not being met, she was funded to continue as a nonprofit organization, Rise Up News.

Sample savory and sweet treats, sip some wine, and enjoy panoramic views of Downtown, Mt. Adams, the Northern Kentucky hills, and the beautiful Ohio River from Christy and Phil’s East Walnut Hills condo. The contemporary white building, one of the neighborhood’s first river view condos, is nestled into a tree-covered hillside that belies its urban surroundings. Maybe you’ve seen it as you’ve traveled Columbia Parkway and wondered how to get there. Now you can find out.

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