Teen Dating Violence & Sexual Violence

1 in 3 youth experience dating violence–which means youth are experiencing dating violence at the rate of a public health epidemic. Dating violence can be verbal, emotional, physical and or sexual.  Everyone has a right to feel safe and equal in their relationship! 

What you should know

If you recognize some or all of these warning signs in your own relationship, understand that the behavior is not okay, or excusable. You always deserve to be treated equally, and have a right to feel safe in your relationships.

Warning Signs:

  • Attempts to control you
  • Extreme jealousy or accuses you of cheating
  • Expects you to check-in all the time (or calls and/or texts you constantly)
  • Embarrasses you or puts you down (shares inappropriate information about you)
  • Makes you feel like you don’t have a right to say no
  • Isolates you from family or friends
  • Pressures, threatens or forces unwanted sexual activity
  • Scares you by acting violently, yelling, breaking or throwing things, hitting and/or kicking