Salon 4: To See the World: 123 countries, 155 planes, 21 buses, 17 trains, 14 ferries…
Feb 24 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Katelyn Jarvis, Founder and President, Peace Stamps
Hosted by Linda and Ed Neenan, Symmes Township

What’s a young woman to do if visions of travel keep dancing in her head? If you are Katelyn Jarvis, you quit your job, pack your curiosity and determination, and head out to feed your sense of adventure. Katelyn’s transformative journey has led her to 123 countries (so far), increasing her appreciation of different cultures and shattering stereotypes. Volunteering in schools, with social and religious agencies, and working for agricultural and ecological initiatives gave her insights into how problems can be addressed. Inspiration continually came from the acceptance and spirit of the captivating locals and fellow travelers. Tales of her experiences are heartwarming, unexpected, scary, and hilarious! Katelyn continues to feed her wanderlust and wants to inspire all of us to do the same.

The Neenans’ home, designed by a Michigan architect, was built in 1987 to accommodate the couple’s floor plants, a feature of their home. Ed, who was raised on a farm, thinks of them as his back 40. The home is traditional in décor and contains several pieces of art that are personally meaningful to the owners, including a 1923 portrait by Linda’s second cousin, Italian artist Rocco Fodale, and three sculptures by Linda’s mother. Enjoy cheesy canapes, Swedish meatballs, crab tartlets, and other assorted sweets and savories, served with a wine punch, wine, and beer.

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Salon 5: Vintage Clothes, Vintage Setting: A Tres Chic Afternoon
Mar 3 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Hi-Bred, Shawna Marie, Owner, East Walnut Hills
Hosted by Sara and John Neyer, Clifton

Whether the memories they inspire are of old movies or scenes from your own past, the beautiful vintage clothes from Shawna Marie Guip’s shop, Hi-Bred, will delight your sense of sight and touch. Enjoy this fashion show from the past and the insights Shawna will share about garments whose lines, fabrics, and fit represent the feminine image from an earlier era. Ragtime jazz music provided by J. T. Thigpen will add to the festive nature of this salon.

Enjoy a high tea, complete with tea sandwiches, bite- sized desserts, and scones with clotted cream, in the Neyer’s stately Clifton home. Designed by renowned architect William Tinsley and built in 1865 for Henry Probasco, this gracious house has played host to an array of interesting guests, including Oscar Wilde, who stayed in an upstairs room while visiting Cincinnati, and an elephant who was once the featured guest at a birthday party for one of the Probasco children.

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Salon 6: Bee Wilder! Honeybees Up Close and Personal
Mar 10 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Liz Tilton, Ph.D., Owner, TwoHoneys Bee Co.
Hosted by Judi Cettel and Jim Raphael, Mt. Adams

Can beekeeping be a humble act? Maybe. Ask Liz Tilton. On a gray Cincinnati day in February 2010, the universe surprised her with an encounter resulting in ownership of some banged-up beekeeping equipment. That encounter changed her life forever, and she remains over-the-moon obsessed with honeybees. For this salon, Liz will don her beekeeping garb and describe how the decline in the honeybee population has echoes in the decline of butterflies, other beneficial insects, birds, and on up the food chain until it eventually taps each one of us on the shoulder. Do honeybees live through the winter? Find out what goes on in a honeybee hive during an Ohio winter. Knowing what’s happening in the hive can help us understand how our lives are intimately intertwined with the honeybees. Come hear the latest buzz! Liz is now the delighted owner of TwoHoneys Bee Co, a business that operates wherever the bees fl y near Cincinnati, Ohio. Learn more at

Perched on the edge of downtown and at the foot of historic Mt. Adams, the contemporary condominium of Judi Cettel and Jim Raphael is the creation of award-winning architect John Senhauser. A glass jewel box, with spectacular views of the river and downtown, this home is the perfect place to lift and warm your spirits on a gloomy, wintery Sunday afternoon. Wine, beer, and soft drinks accompany a selection of hors d’oeuvres and sweets.

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Salon 7: BLINK: The Encore
Mar 17 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Tamara Harkavy, CEO and Artistic Director, Artworks; BLINK Leadership Team and
Andrew Salzbrun, Managing Partner, AGAR; Partner/Creative Director, BLINK
Hosted by Tamara Schwarting, Garfield Park, Downtown

Wonder-lit, art-fueled and awe-inspiring, BLINK is unique, innovative, and reaches beyond Cincinnati to a national and international audience. Back for an encore in October 2019, BLINK Future City will be sky-high light spectacles, street art, murals, and live performances, with parties along the way. It will cover 20 blocks, from The Banks, through Downtown and OTR to Findlay Market. And this time lights will span the Roebling Bridge into Covington. BLINK will bring emerging and renowned artists to Cincinnati to collaborate with the talented creatives who call this city home. Buildings will be painted with light through projection mapping. Murals will dazzle and street installations will amaze. Hear Andrew Salzbrun, the mastermind behind BLINK, and Tamara Harkavy, who plays a significant role in reviewing proposals and selecting the participating artists.

Completed in 1923, The Doctors’ Building features an eight-story façade covered in tile and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Renovated by Tamara Schwarting, this Garfield Place treasure houses 1628 Ltd., a co-working space and a gallery with exhibits that change quarterly. View an exhibit of work from Cincinnati women artists while enjoying brunch and mimosas.

Registration Closed for Salon 7!

Salon 8: “Big Idea” Helps Thousands Earn Second Chance
Mar 24 @ 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Tracy Brumfield, Executive Director, Rise Up News
Hosted by Christy Backley and Phil Crabtree, East Walnut Hills

Tracy Brumfield knows about hitting bottom. She suffered through addiction, incarceration, and homelessness before a support network helped her recover, secure a job, and find a place to live. Remembering her own struggles, she began to provide peer support to women in the recovery housing unit but found she was able to affect just a few of the 1,400 people who are incarcerated in the Hamilton County jail on any given day. To reach that larger population, Tracy envisioned a newspaper that would provide information on re-entry and social service resources, plus articles about hope and second chances. In 2017, a People’s Liberty Haile Fellowship gave her and her “big idea” a one-year fellowship grant of $100,000. In her first year, she published six issues of RISE, Re-enter into Society Empowered, a four-page newspaper piloted inside the Hamilton County Justice Center. Having demonstrated that this important need, linking people to resources, was not being met, she was funded to continue as a nonprofit organization, Rise Up News.

Sample savory and sweet treats, sip some wine, and enjoy panoramic views of Downtown, Mt. Adams, the Northern Kentucky hills, and the beautiful Ohio River from Christy and Phil’s East Walnut Hills condo. The contemporary white building, one of the neighborhood’s first river view condos, is nestled into a tree-covered hillside that belies its urban surroundings. Maybe you’ve seen it as you’ve traveled Columbia Parkway and wondered how to get there. Now you can find out.

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Salon 9: “I had to be the best, because I came from the worst”
Mar 31 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Debbie D. Bowman, Chief Financial Officer, Revitalize Group
Hosted by Patty Reilly, Lytle Park, Downtown

Debbie Bowman had a childhood marked by abuse, neglect, and scorn. On her own since adolescence, she was resourceful and resilient. A paper route in fi fth grade meant that she didn’t have to say “free lunch” at the end of the lunch line. At 15, she lied about her age to rent an apartment, worked to pay the rent and continued to go to school. A job in the maintenance department at the Cincinnati Art Museum at age 17 would change her life. She took night classes in accounting at Cincinnati State and, just fi ve years out of high school, was named the museum’s chief financial officer. Ten years later, she added chief operating officer to her business card. After 34 years, she left the museum, taking a pay cut to lead the local chapter of Girls Hope Boys Hope, which was facing a six-figure deficit that Bowman eliminated within eight months. During her five years there, she put the organization on solid financial ground. Currently the chief financial officer at Revitalized Capital Portfolio Company, she is active in numerous community organizations and remains committed to helping children in need.

Enjoy a mimosa brunch and great views in the Polk Room of Park Place at Lytle. The former R.L. Polk building once housed the Pugh Printing Company, publisher of the abolitionist journal The Philanthropist. Angry anti-abolitionist mobs once stormed the building and wrecked the press. In 2004, the building was converted into condominiums

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Salon 10: Jason and His Unique Thinking Cap: Reimagining the Role of Higher Education
Mar 31 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Jason Heikenfeld, Ph.D., Professor and Assistant Vice President for Commercialization, University of Cincinnati.
Hosted by Mike and Maggie Vagle, Glendale

We all sweat. Most of us are eager to hop in the shower and wash it away. Not Jason Heikenfeld. This internationally known director of UC’s Novel Devices Lab oversaw the development of a BandAid-sized device that can make people sweat. Why? Because sweat can provide information about a person’s health – more easily and more quickly than blood does. A device that monitors sweat can tell wearers and physicians about heart rate, blood pressure, hydration levels, and core body temperature, and can provide health alerts in real time. The monitor is just one of Dr. Heikenfeld’s projects. In his first decade at UC, he accumulated the most patents and licenses of any faculty member in the university’s history. He teaches his students to apply their lab studies to the international scientific community. Hear this “serial entrepreneur” talk about the many devices he has patented, startups he has founded, and what’s in the pipeline under his direction at the University of Cincinnati.

The beautiful neoclassical-style home of Mike and Maggie Vagle sits serenely on 2.9 acres, its columned entrance recalling an earlier day while its interior boasts the best of present day convenience and luxury. Enjoy a selection of sweet and savory finger foods with wine and other beverages.

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Light Up The Night – ZooDo @ Cincinnati Zoo
Apr 26 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Please join us for a very special evening of excellent food, drink, dancing, a silent auction and surprises that only the Cincinnati Zoo can deliver!

With the generous support of our ZooDo sponsors — and you — this annual Spring Gala helps strengthen the resources at WHW so that we can amplify our mission to prevent gender-based violence & empower ALL survivors!

You are cordially invitated to our Gala!

Quick Links:  Tickets | Directions & Map | Sponsors


  • Complimentary parking will be provided to all guests.
  • Musical entertainment will be provided by DJ Drowsy.
  • Cocktail attire is recommened.
  • Be sure to try ZooDo’s special Peacock Punch, a unique cocktail created just for us!

General Admission

$115 per ticket - Includes two beverage tickets for soft drinks, beer or wine

Young Professional (under 30)

$55 per ticket - Includes two beverage tickets for soft drinks, beer or wine

Super Supporter

Each Super Supporter and their guest will receive two beverage tickets for soft drinks, beer or wine, and two liquor tickets.

Kangaroo - one ticket / $150

Alligator - two tickets / $275

Cougar - four tickets / $550

Black Leopard - ten tickets, reserved table / $1400

Maps and Directions

Click to view larger image of map!

From I-74

Go East to I-75 North
Take I-75 North to Mitchell Avenue exit #6
Turn right onto Mitchell Avenue
Turn right onto Vine Street
Turn left onto Forest Avenue
Turn right onto Dury Avenue
The Dury entrance is on the Right

From I-75 Northbound (From Kentucky, Downtown Cincinnati, etc)

Take Mitchell Avenue exit #6
Turn right onto Mitchell Avenue
Turn right onto Vine Street
Turn left onto Forest Avenue
Turn right onto Dury Avenue
The Dury entrance is on the Right

From I-75 Southbound (From Dayton, Fairfield, Norwood, etc)

Take Mitchell Avenue exit#6
Turn left onto Mitchell Avenue
Turn right onto Vine Street
Turn left onto Forest Avenue
Turn right onto Dury Avenue
The Dury entrance is on the Right

From I-71 Northbound (From Kentucky, Downtown Cincinnati, etc)

Take the Dana Avenue exit
At exit ramp light, turn left onto Duck Creek
At 2nd light, turn left onto Dana Avenue
Turn left onto Victory Parkway
At 2nd street on right, turn right onto Rockdale Avenue
Follow Rockdale as it changes names to Forest Avenue
Turn left onto Dury Avenue
The Dury entrance is on the Right

From I-71 Southbound (From Columbus, Mason, etc)

Take the Dana Avenue exit
Turn right onto Dana Avenue
Turn left onto Victory Parkway
At 2nd street on right, turn right onto Rockdale Avenue
Follow Rockdale as it changes names to Forest Avenue
Turn left onto Dury Avenue
The Dury entrance is on the Right

We are grateful to these generous sponsors for making ZooDo 2019 possible.


Presenting Sponsor, Fiona



Parking Partner

Sweets and Confections


Cincinnati OBGYN

3rd Annual Corporate Breakfast @ Hyatt Regency Cincinnati
Oct 24 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am

Women Helping Women’s mission is to prevent gender-based violence and to empower all survivors. WHW serves the most survivors of gender-based violence in a 4 county region—but we can’t do it alone.

Join Us and 300 other Corporate and Civic Leaders as we host our 3rd Annual Corporate Breakfast. Come network, eat, and be inspired as we showcase how bold innovation and collaboration can result in replicable regional, state & national impact. Women Helping Women’s mission it so prevent gender-based violence and to empower all survivors. WHW serves the most survivors of gender-based violence in a 4 county region – but we can’t do it alone.

Keynote Speakers

Mary Stagaman

Come hear Keynote Speaker Mary Stagaman, Vice President of Inclusion at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, and how it’s on all of us to workstrong together to prevent and end gender-based violence –especially its impact in the workplace.

D. Michael Sheline

D. Michael Sheline, Section Chief- Crime Victims, at Ohio Attorney General’s Office, will be speaking on Women Helping Women’s groundbreaking program DVERT™ (Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team) and how this collaborative program with law enforcement is having remarkable regional impact. He will also set the stage for how our innovative Cincinnati program can serve as a model to be replicated throughout Ohio.

WHW’s 2019 Corporate
Engagement Champion Award

Come celebrate 84.51 as we honor them with WHW’s 2019 Corporate Engagement Champion Award. Plus stay tuned to hear the recipient of our 2019 Janet S. Klaine Philanthropy Award!

2019 Event Co-Chairs

Tom Hankinson

Sr. Counsel, GE Aviation

Takeitha Lawson

Sr. Director, Investor Relations, Cincinnati Bell

Presenting Sponsor

Anonymous Donor

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Thank you to all of our champions who attended last year! Here is just an example of a few partners:

For any information or questions regarding the corporate breakfast please contact [email protected]

The Intersection of Gender-Based Violence and Gun Violence
Oct 27 @ 8:00 am – 9:30 am
A fireside chat with Shannon Watts, Founder & CEO of Moms Demand Action.

More information coming soon!