WHW Agency Stats:

  • As of October 24, 2018 , Women Helping Women advocates have served 5,917 unduplicated survivors— currently exceeding past 2017 YE numbers with 2.5 months of 2018 remaining.
  • In September along, WHW served 1,028 unduplicated survivors.
  • Women Helping Women’s  campus-based advocates (housed both at University of Cincinnati and Miami University) have experienced a 60+% increase in response services to campus survivors in the past 12 months (Sept 2017-Sept 2018)
  • Women Helping Women’s Bilingual Advocates have experienced 144% increase is services to LatinX survivors from Q2 to Q3 2018.
  • Women Helping Women’s expenses for client assistance, such as that’s hotel stays, relocation expenses, and Lyft transportation for survivors has increased 120% in the past 12 months (Sept 2017-Sept 2018).

WHW’s DVERT program:

  • Program launched with The City of Cincinnati Police Department on Feb 15, 2018.
  • From launch date until end of September 2018, Women Helping Women’s DVERT advocates went on 472 runs, served 472 adult survivors and 588 children in high risk domestic violence incidents.
  • DVERT Advocates respond to all five police districts within CPD and have a strong partnership with CPD.
  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the numbers for DVERT continue to grow. In two days alone, October 14-October 15, DVERT advocates went on 22 runs.
  • The Ohio Attorney General’s Office recently approved increased funding to expand DVERT.

WHW WorkStrong Stats:

  • WorkStrong is a corporate certification package created by Women Helping Women as a way to address an unmet need: survivors in the workplace.
  • The certification package was piloted by Hamilton County Clerk of Courts and will be the first workforce to be certified — over 200+ workforce.
  • It’s a pro-active prevention & response model that will empower corporations to increase productivity and their bottom line by addressing the needs of survivors through a partnership with WHW advocates and trainers:
  • At least 60% of intimate-partner violence survivors will lose their job within a year.
  • 25% of rape victims lose their job within a year of the assault.
  • 78% of survivors in the workplace reported being late to work as a result of domestic abuse. Stats shows some are late for work up to five times  per month. And some miss up to three full days of work.
  • 47% report experiencing assaults before work.
  • 67% said the perpetrator came to the workplace.