What We Do

Prevent and Empower is WHW’s comprehensive prevention program, utilizing a public health approach to end gender-based violence. These issues are too common, complex, and consequential for any one strategy to eliminate. Therefore, Prevent and Empower implements a public health framework to prevention at the individual level, professional service provider level, school/organizational level, building coalitions and collaborations, and advocating with policy makers – WHW knows that it can generate effective change and impact our service region.

Education for Youth

Prevent and Empower education programs are evidence-based, interactive and current to ensure a productive, engaging experience. We offer 10-day or 5-day programs in schools or other youth serving organizations. The Prevent and Empower curriculum explores signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual assault and sexual harassment (including use of social media and technology), consent, bystander intervention, resources to help a friend or loved one and communication skills geared to promote a healthy relationship.

We tailor all of our programs to reflect the needs of the group and/or educator, and can accommodate various models. Because sessions are interactive, the program works best in small group or classroom settings. If you are interested in scheduling one of our programs, you must submit a School Scheduling Form.

Youth Prevention Team

Youth have the power to be champions of violence prevention within their own peer groups. The Youth Prevention Team provides an opportunity for youth who are interested and passionate about sexual and dating violence prevention to take a proactive role. Students gain leadership skills, volunteer experience, and opportunities to continue the conversation about sexual and dating violence prevention. To learn more about the Youth Prevention Team, contact

Engaging Boys and Men

Ending gender-based violence requires involvement from all members of our community. WHW is committed to starting conversations about healthy masculinity and its role in violence prevention.

We are currently offering Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) training for middle and high schools coaches in Hamilton and Butler Counties. CBIM is a national, evidence-based program that utilizes the unique relationship between coaches and athletes as an opportunity for mentorship and to promote respectful behavior and healthy relationships among young athletes. Contact for more information or to schedule a training.

Go here to learn more about our work with statewide prevention efforts.

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