What We Do

Women Helping Women works to implement a public health framework for prevention at the individual level, professional service provider level, school/organizational level, building coalitions and collaborations, and advocating with policy makers. WHW knows that it can generate effective change and impact our service region.

Prevent and Empower

Prevent and Empower education programs are evidence-based, interactive and current to ensure a productive, engaging experience. We offer 5-day programs in schools or other youth serving organizations. The Prevent and Empower curriculum explores signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual assault and sexual harassment (including use of social media and technology), consent, bystander intervention, resources to help a friend or loved one and communication skills geared to promote a healthy relationship.

We tailor all of our programs to reflect the needs of the group and/or educator, and can accommodate various models. Because sessions are interactive, the program works best in small group or classroom settings. If you are interested in scheduling one of our programs, email our Prevention Manager at [email protected].

“I loved the discussions and the topics helped me realize that I need to step in more.”

“How it’s for men and women.”

“The presenters really care about us.”

“I think the most interesting thing I learned was how you can disrupt bad situations or conversations just by creating a distraction.”

“The fact that you guys could be helping someone in the room without even knowing.”

“I think the lessons are important because they provide resources and help.”

“I loved how much care goes into people’s well-being.  It shows we all deserve the best.”

“Getting to talk about relationships, because I have been in a sexually abusive relationship.”

BRAVE Bar Training

Bars, breweries, and restaurants are critical spaces in which to proactively prevent gender-based violence, and, in 2017, WHW recognized that folks in Cincinnati’s service industry must be part of the solution. The BRAVE Bar Training, newly branded in 2024, aims to educate bar, brewery, and restaurant owners, managers, and staff about intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Staff who participate in the training are better able to identify predatory behavior and warning signs that may lead to sexual violence, and, most importantly, they feel more confident in their abilities to step up as bystanders and intervene if they witness violence.

Since beginning the program, WHW has trained 20+ Cincinnati-area bars, breweries, and restaurants! If you are interested in the BRAVE Bar Training, please contact our VP of Prevention at [email protected].

Rhinegeist Brewery

Maize Arepas and Bar

The Butcher and Barrel


16-Bit Bar+Arcade



The Blind Pig

Lost and Found

Queen City Radio

Taft’s Ale House

The Birdcage

Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey


Woodward Theater

Listermann Brewing Company

Northside Yacht Club



Northern Row Distillery

Northside Gardens / MixWells


The Drinkery

O’Malley’s in the Alley

Fibonacci Brewing Company

Go here to learn more about our work with statewide prevention efforts.