Gender-based Violence
Survivor Services

 Our Mission

WHW prevents gender-based violence and empowers all survivors.

Our Vision

WHW believes that a world without gender-based violence is possible and that all members of our caring community can live in a world of equality, health and vitality.  

Watch our powerful video and hear from a survivor, an advocate, and a policy maker why we all do what we do to end gender-based violence.

Changing Lives

WHW helps survivors find to hope, healing, and empowerment. We inspire the community to speak out against gender-based violence and to speak up for equal and healthy relationships. WHW educates and advocates for youth to grow into change agents to prevent gender-based violence before it ever starts.

Survivor Testimonials

Please note: We exercise caution in sharing survivor stories. Names and identifying details may be changed in the interest of safety and confidentiality. Stories are shared only with express permission of survivors.

Community Champion Stories