DVERT™ (Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team) is a trauma focused crisis response team that provides an on-call, on-scene response to domestic violence survivors to avert gender-based violence and to prevent children from growing up in violent homes. DVERT™ provides on-scene safety planning, access to resources, empowerment, and engagement in on-going support services.

On average, we served 83% female, 11% male, and 6% transgender, nonbinary or other survivors from February 2018 to now.

81% of survivors report that the perpetrator is either a current or former intimate partner.

87% of survivors complete a safety plan on scene with an advocate.

DVERT™ has responded to 5,772 survivors from February 2018 through July 2022.

The highest percentage of DVERT™ survivors range in age from 125-59 at 82%.

67% of survivors identify as Black.