Community Champion Stories

“The support of hospital advocates from Women Helping Women calms rape survivors during the rape exam and helps me do my job as a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE). The advocates are wonderful resources for our patients. We work as a team.”

Jenn Hall, SANE nurse

“I learned about the red flags for dating and why people might stay in abusive relationships.”

Participant in WHW student education session

“From my 30 years of interaction with WHW, I know that when a survivor comes to court with a WHW advocate, she or he is going to get support not only through the court proceedings, but also long afterwards. I don t know of any other agency that offers that kind of support, and it‘s free of charge.”

Judge Heather Russell

“Now I know what to do if you know someone in an abusive relationship.”

Participant in WHW student education session

“One of every three women is sexually assaulted or physically abused in her lifetime. Think you don’t know anyone who has been victimized this way? With these statistics, of course you do.”

WHW board member

“I learned that, even if a sex act isn’t violent and doesn’t involve a stranger, it can still be rape.”

Participant in WHW student education session